Homeopathic/ Auricular
Bioenergetic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine
Homeopathy the fastest growing form of medicine made from plants, minerals and highly diluted animal sources. Homeopathy has no toxicity and will not stress the body’s organs in order to be metabolized, therefore Homeopathy is ideal to treat the entire family from infants to seniors. Reports and audits from Homeopathic hospitals show 70-95% of patients improved on Homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy for Kids
The homeopathic approach is growing in popularity as an alternative treatment for adults and children of all ages. Homeopathy is gaining recognition in the conventional field of medicine and has been subject to many clinical trials.
Homeopathy can raise the immunity of your children to help deal with illness throughout their childhood. It can also help prevent illness and give support through difficult periods of their life. Homeopathy cures by looking at the whole. Homeopathy is ideal for babies and children as it is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine. Children respond wonderfully to simple homeopathic remedies.
It is safe with no harmful side effects for: allergies, grief, anxiety, headaches, asthma, measles, bedwetting, nappy rash, bites and stings, shock, burns, sunburn, colic, teething, coughs and colds, diarrhea, behavioral problems, autism, travel sickness and many more.

Auricular and Bio Energetic Medicine
Auricular medicine is a non-invasive energetic assessment technique developed by Dr. Paul Nogier, a French neurologist.
It uses the ear tissue that has reflex points which represent all organs, glands and tissues in the body.
When there is a blockage or illness taking place in the body, the corresponding ear point will show up during auricular testing. Auricular Medicine corrects imbalances by stimulating the body’s own healing process using vitamins, bio therapeutic drainage, homeopathics, botanicals and organ support.

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