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Patients Are Our Greatest Teachers

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Registered Acupuncturist:

 Jennifer Redding has her Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Degree and is a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.  She is the founder and Owner of AcuFx Health and Wellness Clinic.  She was raised in Collingwood where she learned at an early age, that going downhill in her driveway could be a lot of fun! As a child of the mountain, sledding, skiing, and snowboarding soon became her life.  Jennifer  moved to British Columbia to find the mountains of her dreams, then to the freshest powder of Japan, then to New Zealand, and finally returning  back to the northern hemisphere and to the Asian coastal life of Beach/ Island hopping for some well deserved Vitamin D.  Officially ending her 10 year adventure on the Great Wall of China for a greater understanding of her true passion- Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

She began her path in Alternative Medicine from a very early age.  Eating sprouts, drinking wheat water, and ingesting fish oils before they were even known of.  She played any sport available and gained a strong understanding of the body through sport.

Jennifer is a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario and she also holds a Bachelors Degree from York University.

Jennifer’s main areas of practice are in pain management, sport related injuries, stress, neurological disorders, facial rejuvenation and infertility.

Upon finishing her postgraduate studies at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia she went on to complete her full-time in-class, clinic, and licensing exam in 2012.  From there she then went on to continue her studies in Beijing, China.  She started her internship at the Tain Jin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, then at Long Tou Medical Clinic, and lastly at the Oriental Intercultural Medical Clinic Beijing.  She also became very involved in TuiNa (Chinese Massage) for pediatrics, Food Cures, Five Element Acupuncture and Reflexology.

After China, Jennifer’s next move was to Nepal to be a part of an Acupuncture Relief Project. She worked as a volunteering primary practitioner within the only medical facility around.  While meeting and exceeding her goals of treating 40 plus clients a day she also got the chance to work with the one and only mid-wife and delivering close to a dozen babies naturally or with the help of acupuncture.  Jennifer conducted treatments via a ‘Community’ style with patients sitting in chairs or laying on a mat on the floor. She was responsible for managing all aspects of the clinics resources as well as assisting in the training of interpreters, meeting with members of the community and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Living in a third world country is unpredictable, exciting, and requires a flexible approach to each day.

As a healthcare practitioner Jennifer is grateful because every day she is able to share this wonderful medicine to all.  She is inspired by all the people that she has met in her life, she has striven for something more and made a commitment toward better living.  In Alternative Medicine, it is a key concept to understand that everyone heals differently.  She approaches her work with compassion, dedication, optimism, direction and education.  Her patients are her greatest teachers and she is honored to be a part of their journey toward a more vibrant life.

Bode Spa For Men:

Daniel Francoeur is a licensed aesthetician and orthotherapist for over 18 years. He fell in love with the spa industry in 1999 when he started ‘Little House Spa’ in Cumberland, ON. Little House Spa was a destination spa; a square timber house on 80 acres of Ontario countryside with 3 acres of gardens and walking paths. It was a place where women and men could get away; where men felt comfortable to
equally partake in a taste of spa life. From these experiences, Daniel realized that the needs of men were not being met in the industry outside of ‘Little House Spa’. “Men want to take care of themselves, but there is a lack of education in the industry regarding men’s issues, such as unsafe treatment modalities, contraindicative ingredients in products and improper customer service experiences”. In 2004, Daniel moved out of the countryside and recreated Bodé Spa for Men in Ottawa. Since then, Daniel and the professional team at Bodé have gained local, national and even international attention for providing education to others regarding male-focused care.What has fuelled the business model behind Bodé is Daniel’s passion for education. “I want to help others create a welcoming, relaxed space for men, and to be able to back it up with educated services and effective products that work.”
Daniel enjoys sharing his expertise within the industry, whether it be providing education to therapists or being hired as a consultant to help other spas improve their operations and become stronger businesses.

Aharon is the proud owner of Bodé Spa. Having previously been a teacher, Aharon understands Bode’s emphasis on pairing education with quality service.

He started his career at Bode behind the desk, and gradually developed his skills a therapist. He expanded his practice by taking the CMP certificate with the North American School of Podology, and by taking advanced skin care courses with the International Dermal Institute.

Registered Massage Therapy:

 Slade graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Toronto with honours focusing on sports, rehabilitation and prenatal massage.

He loves the reality that being a massage therapist doesn’t feel like work and the pure joy that comes from helping people is one that is cherished and honoured. He believes a balanced approach between fascial, deep tissue, trigger point, joint mobilization and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation techniques is most effective.
Slade is a professional skydiver, taking students on their first jump as a Tandem Instructor or capturing the experience as a photographer and videographer. The most important part of that role carries over to massage. Keep people safe and empower them with knowledge to make choices right for them. This is evident in his firm belief that proper assessment and palpation to identify specific structures leads to better understanding of client concerns as well as efficient and effective use of treatment time.
His training as a yoga instructor provides a solid foundation for incorporating alignment principles and good bio mechanics when offering therapeutic exercise. His continuing yoga education reminds him that our over all health is much more than a healthy body.
He also teaches partner yoga in the form of Acroyoga, through dynamic and therapeutic modalities that create connection, clear communication and trust.


Homeopathic/Auricular Bioenergetic Medicine:

Amanda P. Narain’s personal story in health inspired her to enter into holistic medicine, leading to the opening of APNHHC. At a very young age of 11, in rural Guyana, South America, she was injured with a gunshot wound to the abdominal region, there she managed to survive despite no existing emergency services to treat a gunshot wound. She was the first case of a gunshot wound the local hospital had seen.

​Her journey back to health was a combination of integrative medicine- both holistic and conventional medicine. Through her personal health journey she experienced the benefits of holistic medicine in restoration of her health; repairing her digestion, removing pharmaceutical toxicity from her body and liver that caused 90% hairloss at the younge age of 12 and contributed to acne, malnutrition, depression, numerous bowel obstructions and deficiencies.
In the past 6 years she has been a caregiver for both her mother and grandmother who both had terminal cancers. Employing both systems of medicine; holistic and conventional.

She has witnessed how even in the most extreme and advanced stages of illnesses such as stage IV Cancer, the human body can benefit from holistic medicine either as a primary care or adjunctive/supportive care choice of medicine.